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How FaceTime Shopping Works

Whether you are searching for a specific item or have diverse needs, there is always more in the shop than just what you see on our website! Our inventory ebbs and flows pretty much daily. So if you absolutely cannot come to shop in person, we suggest you make an appointment with Chloë or Dana, for a personal Facetime shopping trip! We do these all the time, they are fun and give you a great advantage, especially if you are looking for multiple items. Simply call 860-485-3887 to schedule. We can frequently jump right on a call, and if not, we can set a time later.

Call: 860-485-3887

Our Ever-changing Inventory

With over 6500 square feet of shop space plus our Annex, we are constantly buying to keep up our inventory! Whether gleaned from private homes or on our trips abroad, our inventory is constantly evolving. Our focus is furniture, especially on our website, however, we always have a tempting selection of accessories, art, and lighting available around the shop. Never hesitate to stop in, even if you’ve been by recently as there are sure to be plenty of fresh things!

From container arrivals and Wholesale shopping events to art shows and designer curated collections, there is always something new happening at MONTAGE.

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